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Sixteen Questions Before You Buy

Before you ever think of buying a boat, you should know what to look for. There are more different types of boats than there are varieties of cheeses in a French cheese market. Below are 16 questions you should answer to determine the type of boat to look for. Answer those questions and we will help to guide you in the right direction.

1. How many weeks per year can I devote to boating? _____________

2. Do I prefer sailing or motoring? _________

3. What is my capital budget? ________________

4. What is my annual expense budget for insurance, fuel, docking, and maintenance? ___________________

5. How many people will accompany me 90% of the time? _________

6. What will be the minimum and maximum number of people I will have aboard on a cruise? _______________________

7. Will my guests be close family (ages important), extended family or friends, business associates, new acquaintances, or strangers?___________ _____________ _______ _______ ________________________________

8. Would I feel more comfortable with a professional crew? _______

9. Where will I do most of my cruising? _____________________ ___________________________________________________

10. Are there depth restrictions where I plan to berth my yacht or where I plan to cruise? What is the minimum depth I will encounter? _____

11. Are there any fixed bridges that I will have to go under to access open waters? What is the clearance? _____________

12. Will I sometimes be obliged to cruise at night? ___________

13. What is the longest distance I plan to cruise without being able to refuel? _______________

14. Is fishing (what kind) or scuba diving going to be a primary activity or will I primarily cruise and occasionally swim and fish? __________________________________________________

15. Do I plan to mostly anchor out or will I generally overnight in marinas? ___________________________________________________

16. In marinas, do I plan to eat out often or is cooking aboard important for me? _______________________________________________________

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