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At IYB we have learnt when selling a yacht that there are many actors involved in a successful sale, it’s not only about the brokers. We recognize that captains, crew, technicians are all incredibly crucial to the overall process and are heavily involved in the industry in general.


We therefore have curated a podcast series dedicated to highlighting the variety of personalities and professions that make-up this fascinating industry. Each podcast episode will have experts from across the industry discussing a selected topic. Could be a discussion about “Sunseeker vs Princess - which is best?” or “What to look out for when buying a yacht”.


Our aim is to have open discussions between the variety of personalities and experts available to us within the industry - showcasing a human side to our business.


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Industry Analysis:
The Impact of Covid & Brexit

As we all know the impact of COVID has been enormously detrimental to the industry not to mention Brexit has also created some issues. In this episode we discuss the best ways to deal with new restrictions.

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Head to Head:
Sunseeker vs Princess

A classic argument amongst Captains and owners. In this episode, we discuss the positives, negatives and general differences between the renowned UK shipyards.

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Essential Tips:

Dos and Donts of New Crew

New crew come from all sorts of backgrounds, that is why this is such an interesting industry. There are essential tips to keep in mind however, which we discuss in this episode